Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Sneak Peek, And a Little Story

I've been to my classroom a bit, but today I got a lot of time there. I am so tired. I need one of those Home Depot back braces.

Here's a large shot, from the door.

The retiring teacher had loads of goodies. Now I finally get to have a good look at them. I found two gardening manuals that I saw when I was at Ag in the Classroom in June. Score, now I don't have to ask my fabulous principal to buy it for me. :)

So, her stuff, and my stuff is all over the desks. But I feel like it is progress. What if I had waited to do this until my first contract day?

Looking right from the door...

And now to the next corner...

Swing over to the third corner...

Now toward what will be the front of the room, also where the Smartboard is... and my teacher area.


Still so much to do.

The days that I have gone in I have been the only one in the school. The school is in the country just off a major highway. I've been told not to be at the school alone after dark. Some teachers have tried to scare me with talk of the ghost. 

Saturday, I was working and from across the room heard this sort of bang noise. Of course, I jumped.

Tried to think of some reason that the noise would have occurred. None came to mind. Except the ghost.

It happened again on Monday, and yesterday, and today. I'm pretty sure it is this cabinet.

Wheww, glad I figured that out.

I was taking a snack break at my kidney table this afternoon, listening to my iPod, when all of a sudden there was a knock at my door. (I couldn't see the door, because of all the "stuff" piled high on said table.) I jumped. The ghost!

Before I could really freak out our wonderful custodian came in. Seems like she has heard of the ghost as well, and was not surprised when I told her about the noise, or her scaring me.

Glad that the next time I go to school other people will be there. Safety in numbers I always say.
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  1. Perhaps an angel or the holy spirit?? The room is very inviting? Thank u for your hard work, no there are not enough paid days for teachers to plan. Probably never will be. Perhaps.

    1. Alyce, your room IS very inviting. My error. Not a question. Silly touch screen!


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