Friday, July 13, 2012

School Supplies

I finally made it! Target Dollar Spot, oh how you make my heart sing.

Very early this morning my mom arrived on the train. (I picked her up at the train station at 2:50 a.m.) We were lazy around the house for the morning, but I wanted lunch to be special. One of our favorites is Freddy's Frozen Custard. Love their fries and fry sauce. And apparently today is "National Fry Day." Not that they were free, but fun to eat Freddy's fries on Friday the "Fry Day."

Across the street was a Starbucks. Lucky for us. Yesterday we learned that between 12 and 3 p.m. today all Starbucks are giving away a tall Refresher. Mom and I both got a Very Berry Hibiscus (I really liked it) and both boys tried a Cool Lime. They didn't like it so much, so Mom and I got theirs as well. (Score for us!)

Now off to Target. Right by the front door was the very famous Dollar Spot. Aaaahhhhh.

It was crowded, but I started on the outside, so all was well. I weaved my way through all the tight aisles and found exactly what I was looking for.

In less than 10 minutes I had the above items in my cart, feeling pleased with myself, and a bit drained from the excitement.

Because my need to look at EVERYTHING in the Dollar Spot and try to figure out a good reason for buying it was met, I could focus on my kids and what they wanted to do. The toy aisle, aka Lego and Nerf. Being there, with nothing to do but watch my kids I started to go through my items again. Uh oh, my husband may not be pleased with my cart full.

Mom to the rescue. She wanted to pay for all of it, because she lives so far away and can't do this very often. I tried to not let her. I told her she really didn't need to do that as I was stuffing the cash into my purse.

Thanks Mom, you are the best!

Here's a close up of some group work activities/materials that I got. Alphabet cards, puzzle and Bingo game (first grade needs letter work, right?), some super cool dry erase strip cards, and lesson plan books. My plan is to use one for Reading/Writing, another for Math and the last for SS/Science/Ag.

I saw erasers and thought "I need those for math work stations," so I grabbed all 3 packs they had left. (Perhaps I will find more if I go to a different Target next week. How many does a girl really need?) Pocket charts. I think they are meant for hoarding. Get them in case I need them "Some Day."A Mosaic puzzle, just for fun. 

I love summer this year. I have a bit of an idea what to expect in August and throughout the whole year. I can make broad plans. I know what I need to do to be ready. And now I am so excited to get this show on the road. (I was excited last year also.)

Next week I will be working hard in my classroom to get it ready. I'm taking the plunge. I've asked to have the teacher desk removed.

Any advise about what is really important to have in a first grade classroom, furniture-wise?

Happy weekend everyone!

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