Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Daily 5, Chapter 5

This chapter is full of how to launch Read to Someone and Listen to Reading. Be sure to look at the very scripted lessons for great ideas for your classroom.

Urgency is a key word for the sisters. To become a better reader there are certain activities that will help you. Having "lap time" as a child while a grown up reads them, visiting the library for new books to read, and pretending to read whatever your parent is reading.

Two favorite pictures of mine are of my older son. He was three. In one he is reading the newspaper, just like his dad, and the other he is reading a breastfeeding pamphlet. By reading I mean, holding the material appropriately, looking at the pages, being engaged with the material, and turning the pages occasionally. He could only know how to do this because he had been read to. A. LOT.

Fewer students are coming to school with those types of experiences. So we need to create the opportunities for them to read to others and listen to reading.

Read to Someone and Listen to Reading are perfect activities and with the guidance from the sisters, I don't have to do much "thinking." Just launch it like they describe and I'll be fine. Explicitly teaching expected behaviors is such a bonus, and tremendously helpful at the beginning of the year or whenever the launch happens.

These were favorites of my class last year. I cannot wait to launch them in the fall.

I am super excited that yesterday I found out that my project from DonorsChoose has been fully funded. Yeah! Digital Books for my Young Readers is going to happen. My classroom will get two iPods. I will load them with audio books (think cassette player and book) and use them for Listen to Reading. I also hope to get a subscription to for more listening options (maybe PTO).

Are there other ideas for listening to reading that I haven't mentioned? I would love to hear about them...

Our host for this chapter is Kelli from Castles and Crayons hop on over to read what she has to say.

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up, Alyce! Congratulations on your Donors Choose project being funded!!! :)

    Kelli :)
    Castles and Crayons

  2. Congrats on having your project funded! I just set one up last week.

  3. Wow! Congrats on the Donors Choose! I love that organization. I'd love to hear how you are putting those cassettes onto your ipods. I've got tons of cassettes but love that individual listening idea rather than the groups.

  4. Yay for Donors Choose!! I really played around with the ipod idea, but I just don't see myself getting around to loading all that books on tape:) I am learning about a lot of other reading sites through this study. Thanks for the tips:)



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