Thursday, July 5, 2012

Guided Math, Chapter 6

Each chapter I think, wow, I can totally do that. But this chapter has me a bit nervous. Loads of planning and making and preparing. And I'm a wife, mother, and keeper of the house. Will there be enough time?

Time for me to get my grip and hold it. 

I think I will be ok once I get my system down. And since I did a version of the Daily Five last year. I need to make a workshop framework and then input the meaningful activities.

This chapter provided a marvelous spreadsheet of possibilities on pages 188-189, and I can definitely start there. Plus I could remember that in Chapter 1 Sammons suggests starting with several of the seven components and then add. Perfect I can do that. No reason to be is only July!

By using Math Workshop, students will have more opportunities for communication and learning (that is my goal). Each student can start at what they understand and move forward with guidance from me and other grown ups. Then I will truly be on my way to having  differentiated math instruction for my students. Yippee!

Thanks to our hosts for todays chapter in Guided Math. Amanda @ Reaching for the Top

and Mechele @ Barrow's Hodgepodge
Make sure to stop over and read what insights others are getting from this amazing book.

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  1. Yes you absolutely CAN do this!!! It's really been an amazing change and I am so happy how it has turned out. I too created math to follow a daily 5 framework. I think it works great! I especially love making I charts for math too. If you ever need anything with guided math, let me know! I love love LOVE talking math! :) Especially with people who want to do a guided math approach.

    Reaching for the TOP!

  2. Math work stations does take lots of planning, but, don't give up. The payoff is huge. Working with a team is a great idea. You can have a team at your school or we can develop a team of bloggers.
    Barrow's Hodgepodge

  3. I felt like you did as I read this chapter, but reminded myself to start small. I tend to jump in with both feet, and realistically I just can't do that this time...we have a new math series to learn! I'm hoping the math series will coincide with Guided Math.



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