Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Update on My Heart

From what I've heard, my heart pieces are having a grand time. Of course they are.

I'm pretty sure I have a trip anxiety condition. I love to go on vacation. But not the travel part of it. I do not think floo powder, port keys, apparition, or broomsticks would make it any easier (although, all four of us may enjoy trying out those modes of transportation). Planes, trains, and cars just make me nervous. So, even though I wasn't on this trip, I had to be anxious for them (because I am sure they weren't anxious enough for themselves--were they even at all?).

As soon as I found out that everyone made it to their destination I was fine, and have been fine ever since.

My husband and I are on a mini vacation. I'm being intentional about doing things and eating foods that I would not if they were here. We've seen a movie (I've seen two), out to eat once, and another restaurant meal is coming up, stayed up late, eaten supper late, talked a lot, and spent time together without anyone else trying to have a conversation with us at the same time. It's been lovely.

But I do miss their smiles, hugs, and piano sessions (Grandma is getting to listen to the piano this week, lucky her, they really are good). I've gotten to speak to them twice on the phone (once to tell me what they forgot, and the other time to request specific presents for upcoming birthday that is TWO months away), and Grandma keeps me up to date with texts. So it's good. But I will be glad when we are all back together again.

This is almost two years old, but I love it. My husband took it just outside of town. That is the real sky, no photoshop to it. A real Kansas sunset. And two amazing Kansas kids.
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  1. Glad you are having fun! Scott and I are doing the same thing as our 4 have been with his parents for 3 days. They come home today which will be good but it has been nice to just be with my hubby and youngest! I wish you well when you travel to meet them....remember hot chocolate!


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