Friday, July 20, 2012

Guided Math, The Last Chapter

Gotta say, I'm glad I am done with the "heavy" reading. My brain is stuffed with good ideas and intentions. This chapter is called "Putting it into Practice" and so that is what I will strive to do. Starting now.

How will I implement GM?
1. Start with morning warm-ups (remember the great chart on p. 86?--that will be my guide while I get my feet wet).
2. Add in math workshop, teach like I do D5. Considerable uneasiness about what to do for the work stations. It has to be quick and easy for me to prepare, but math meaningful for the students. Next weeks plan is to look through all the files I have saved on my computer, make a list of what needs to be printed, so that I am ready when I get to school in 2 weeks.
3. Add in mini-lessons.
4. Add in small groups.

How will I keep learning?
1. {Love this one} Read blogs for ideas and inspiration.
2. Beg or borrow the Math Work Stations by Debbie Diller. (Or birthday present, does anyone else ask for professional books for their birthday? I might be weird. Or I need more presents.)

I woke up yesterday thinking it was the day for posting about this chapter. By mid-morning I figured out that I was a day ahead. Then I considered not writing about it. Who is going to notice? I'm not getting a grade, and I do not think my principal even reads this blog (and she would want me to be enjoying my summer vacation), so skip it. I've done the "hard" work, reading and posting about the "meat" of the book. But I am a finisher. I want to finish what I start. So, it's a good thing that I found this online book study.

This chapter is being hosted by Terri at The Creative Apple and the linky is at Primary Inspired. They both have great things to say! Stop over and have a look. Then have a great weekend!
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  1. I'm glad you're a finisher! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Chapter 9. I've got some news for you! Go to the link below, click on the "preview online" button right by the book, & you can preview Math Workstations completely online!

    Primary Inspired


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