Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daily 5, Chapter 6

Work on Writing and Word Work

These were 2 areas that didn't get much instruction from me last year. I sort of fizzled out following "the plan" from the sisters. But with Pinterest and lovely blogs that I follow I have more ideas than I know what to do with. Not to mention a fully stocked first grade classroom (unlike last year, I walked into a blank room).

What I want to remember or do...
1. After work on writing is introduced, keep notebook and a pencil in book box
2. Find a purpose for writing--make  sure students know what their purpose is
3. Decide on what words to use for word work (I don't think we have a set spelling list), could be our Phonics Dance, maybe sight words, perhaps ag or science/social studies words, or maybe a combo

Those are my thoughts. I am eager to get this ball rolling. By that I mean, get to school, get walls and bulletin boards ready, make lesson plans, and arrange the desks.

I am linking up with the wonderful Deb from Fabulously First who is hosting this chapter. Hop on over to read  her thoughts and see who else has linked up.

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