Friday, August 10, 2012

A Long Day

Yep, another long day. I heard a teacher the other day say she needed some Ritalin so she could focus and get some things done.

That seems to be me as well. I have a list, but I didn't even do all of it today. Oh well.

But I did get some things done. The most (maybe) important was an hour ago. I gave myself a home pedi. Would love to have another professional one like I got when I was on vacation, but that lovely lady is 750 miles away. Definitely at Christmas Break.

So now I am ready for "Meet the Teacher" on Tuesday and my students on Wednesday.

It feels weird to do the pedi already, however, now I won't have to think about redoing my toes for two more weeks. That is at the end of the second week with kiddos. So, a relief to have that done.

Look away if you don't like toe pictures...

I seem to have a problem with not thinking about school. What needs to be done. What I want to do.

The what I have to dos are finished.

I wonder if I will actually stop thinking about school for tomorrow. I know I will be thinking about it on Sunday, because there is a BIG TeachersPayTeachers sale. 30% off. I have been eyeing some common core goodies...
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