Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pencil Sharpener Woes

I'm in a new to me classroom this year. Love the windows. Love the space. Not loving the pencil sharpener.

Tuesday I decided I had better get on sharpening the pencils that go in the "Welcome" bags. Tried to use the electric pencil sharpener that came with the room. I plugged it in, turned it on and nothing. I tried several different outlets, and combinations of switch positions. Still nothing.

Then I went to the hand crank sharpener. It wouldn't even crank. Panic.

I was wishing I had ordered that fancy sharpener that has been all over blogland this summer. Bummer.

So, I trotted off to my old room and begged my friend to use her crank sharpener. It worked good enough. But 2 of the brand new pencils were 5 inches long when I got done sharpening. So disappointing when a brand new pencil gets "eaten" by the sharpener.

When I got home that night I got on my computer and ordered a lovely red pencil sharpener for my classroom. :)

I was expecting a long wait. It comes from Pennsylvania.

What a surprise in the mail on Saturday! A box from Classroom Friendly Supplies. I tore it open right away (not really, I used a knife to cut the packing tape, but you get the idea, I was excited).

Then I grabbed several of our sad pencils that were in our jar at home and decided to try it out. First time, I was disappointed. It wasn't working. (It or me?) Tried again. Still couldn't figure it out.

Next I decided to look for directions. None were included. Now what. This has GOT to work.

Oh, the thing pulls out, and then the gripper, and more stuff. Now I get it. The directions must be pretty confusing, so that is why there were none. But now I get it.

This sharpener is more of a demonstration to learn than follow written directions to learn.

See the uniform sharpness? Love it. No pencils were eaten during this learning process.

My son says "this is the best pencil sharpener ever. Definitely."

He is not kissing the pencil. He is blowing off the almost non-existant pencil shavings.

He is lobbying for a sharpener like this for home (or just him). And says that he will never use a different pencil sharpener again.

Now we are really ready for Back to School. Look at that marvelous row of perfectly sharpened pencils.

P.S. I have not been paid to say any of this.

P.P.S. Usually sharpening pencils gives me a sick feeling in my chest. The noise, the wonder what the pencil will look like when I am done. No more. This was even relaxing. I didn't have to think at all (once I learned).
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  1. I bought this pencil sharpener, too. I was also a little confused about how to use it, but once I figured it out- WOW! Definitely one of my best purchases ever!
    Still Teaching After All These Years


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