Monday, August 20, 2012

My Teacher Must Haves

Today I am linking with Blog Hoppin' for my Teaching Must Haves.

Actually this is a good topic, because I'm not quite sure what my must haves are. I change my mind, my schedule and how I do things to much that I wonder what I will write today.

Last year an aide that worked in my room said that she loved coming in my room. She never knew what to expect because each day may be different. And she was ok with that and liked that. She thought it meant that I was always learning and trying new things. I think it meant I was trying to survive my first year in general education.

Anyway, what are my must haves?

1. My composition notebook that has kept my notes, dreams, ideas about first grade since I learned last spring that I would teach first grade. I'm pretty sure I will make another one for next year, no matter what grade I teach. I love it.

2. Diet Rite. I've decided to go caffeine free (as much as I can), but I still like fizzy drinks at lunch.

3. My friends and coworkers to bounce ideas off and be silly with.

4. Professional books. Whatever is new to me or a classic. My newest I started reading on Saturday and I am HOOKED. It is

5. Hopefully soon I can say the iPods that will arrive shortly to my room. I want to put audio books on for "Listen to Reading," what else could I use them for?

Check out other Must Haves.

I think more may be added to my list. 

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