Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Best Pizza and Green Olives

Pizza is comfort food for me. Not Little Caesars or Pizza Hut. Homemade.

Now that it is not as hot, I can make it again. We have a bit of a break from pizza in the summer. It is too hot to eat much, or much hot food that hasn't come off the grill. I've seen recipes for grilling pizza, but have not talked my dear into trying it.

So Saturday I got to make homemade pizza. It sure tastes good after not having it for a while.

Growing up we had it often on Saturday nights. I like having a night all planned out what to eat. And everyone will eat it.

I make 2 pizzas. One for the boys to share and one for the parents to share. Theirs has cheese and pepperoni, and ours has cheese, pepperoni, and half jalapenos and half green olives. Yum. The jalapenos are for for my dear, and I get the olive side.

This pizza is half decorated, made my dear stop putting on the cheese so I could snap a photo of such a delicious entree.

Eating green olives is my favorite since childhood. When we gathered with my mom's family there was always a bowl of green and black olives. I left the black alone, but would not stay away from the green.

This summer on our vacation I spent the afternoon and evening with my aunt and girl cousins. I had never seen such a big bowl of green olives. And my cousin would fill her plate with about 30 olives at a time (I noticed twice, if she did it more I did not see). Right then and there I knew I had been limiting myself and would not any more.

Now I eat olives. As I made supper the other night I thought it would be nice to munch some olives. I finished the jar. After placing the olives on the pizza above I ate some olives out of the new jar.

I think having olives in the fridge is going to have to become a necessity, much like milk.
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