Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Parent Information Night

I love singing along to the radio or a CD. Even if I don't know all the correct words.

Driving home today, listening to my current favorite song, singing at the top of my lungs, and I only knew 1/4 of the words. Still, I had a blast. It totally makes me smile to do this because it drives my husband and sons crazy and I can really only do this if they are not with me. They wish for me to sing the words correctly. But I don't know the words and I want to sing to the amazing song.

Monday was day nine of this school year. And that night was Parent Information Night. (I think I like "People, I'm Nervous better"--I saw that one on a blog, A Teeny Tiny Teacher.)

The evening started out with our principle talking to everyone who showed up. We were in the gym. After she gave a few all school bits of info, we split into classrooms.

I don't really like this part of the job, but I hoped that this starburst idea would help my confidence. I made these treat bags for the parents to eat while I talked. (Idea from A Teeny Tiny Teacher.) She said that if we give them food, they can't ask questions (and I look like a great teacher).

The first session went ok. The room was full. I talked fast. I didn't have a list of what to cover (and should have--remember to do that next year). But I think it went ok. Not one parent ate their candy. My plan to fill their mouths did not work. But they still did not ask questions. Until they were leaving. One parent asked about Mountain Math. Now everyone was listening again. So I spent several minutes talking about the wonderful review that comes every week.

The second session had 5 people in it. Much more intimate, but scary, I couldn't hide behind so many people. Covered most of the same topics, had one question about books (that I remembered to say in the first session, but forgot in the second), and still not one person dipped into their candy. The most memorable event in session 2 is that some parents who were finished with their session stood outside my door and had a LOUD conversation with lots of laughing. I had to stop talking to go and shut the door.

I wasn't very creative. Basically I showed what our reading log will look like (to start later), what our everyday take home folder will look like (to start later), and a few items from my ABCs of Mrs. Bartel's Class. Here is a link to what it looked like this year. ABCs of Mrs. Bartels Class (when I tried the link it comes out all wonky, but at least you get the idea).

Certainly glad it went well and that it is over for now.
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