Thursday, August 16, 2012

The First Days

Even though I know it, I am surprised.

Why in the world am I this tired? I only worked 6 hours (officially, anyway) today.

But I am tired. And I am starting to feel like this will be a good year. The kids are sweet. Today I got a hug and "you're the best teacher ever" comment. It was because I gave her a journal and a mini dictionary and we can add words to it as she wants. If I had known that was all it takes, I would have given it to her yesterday!!! She spent her time today adding as many classmates names as she had time for.

I read Chrysanthemum today. And we made a graph of how many letters in their names.

It was good. The graphing board was on the floor as we built the graph (with linking cubes that we kept unlinked). And then I thought, we better discuss this graph (thanks to Guided Math this summer), so I will move this graph to the counter and we can all see it better.

As I reached to lift it, a young, smart child said "be careful not to tip it" (see, smart, yes?). He only got to "be" before I had lifted it and tipped it and all our work fell out. The best part is that I did not cry.

They started a read the die and color activity while I put the graph back together. Then we came together again and I was simply amazed with what they could tell from the graph. Some of their insights...
     **5 has the most
     **6 and 7 are tied
     **12 and 11 have none
     **It is called letters in our names (this is the one that made me so proud of our Kindergarten teachers)

Read to Self has been started. They are good with the three ways to read a book. Stamina is slow going. But I am hopeful that time and practice will help my 2 kids that just seem to be "done" and not able to go past 3 minutes.

Tonights agenda...Start lesson plans for next week or watch Dr. Quinn that I got from the library. I wonder if I could do both at the same time...
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