Friday, January 4, 2013

Five for Friday

Happy Friday everyone! So glad this was a short week, although I kept being confused about what day it was yesterday and today. I almost sent my kids to the wrong specials classes. That would have been bad. I did that once. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Doodle Bugs is having a party. I love a party. Especially on a Friday. Not many rules, list 5 random things of my day (or the week). I'm going with the day.

1. The snowman pictures that we made yesterday and wrote about today turned out so much better than I thought possible.

I guided them through a drawing, then they outlined with a sharpie, and finally they colored it in. The idea came from Pinterest. The blog is Art Projects for Kids.

I wish you could see the writing better. Trust me. Good.

2. The kids got to go outside for the second recess. It has been too cold yesterday and early today. I let them play in the small covering of snow on the ground. Watching them pick up snow and throw it at each other was wonderful. I decided...let them play like children, if they got wet, oh well, we have a dryer at my school.

3. At the birthday party today the kiddos created a spontaneous clinking of the plastic Kool-Aid jugs. Before they did it the second time, I stopped them until I had the camera ready. 

It's kinda like they like each other. Love all around.

4. Collaborating with the other first grade teacher at my school today (and yesterday) has been so good. Today I popped in on her teaching while my kids were at Art. I had never done that before, but we are like-minded and I was pretty sure it would be ok. It was. Later, she popped in on us. So good to have another grown-up come in and see the good things, and be able to talk about it later.

5. Our class got some games for Christmas from one of our classmates. Today we really dug into them and played. Candyland. Ants in My Pants. Don't Spill the Beans. Memory. I love that these kiddos are old enough to play with minimal adult assistance. They have really grown up since August.

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  1. Hi -

    I love the concept for your school - quite unique!

    The snowman projects are cute!
    Learning in the Little Apple

  2. Alyce, the first time I read this, I missed the part of almost sending students to the wrong specials! On Fridays we switch off, one week my class goes to music and the other Kindergarten class goes to P.E. and we switch every other week. One week, we couldn't remember who went where and went to the wrong classes, it was a huge mess! I now keep the schedule posted by the door and put it on calendar which class we go to on Fridays.

  3. your snowmen are cute!!!!

    I am the only first grade teacher at my school (super duper small school) but I miss the days of having a team. At my previous school- there were 10 first grade teachers so we planned and worked together each week. It was really nice.

    Thanks so much for joining me for the linky party! Please come back next week!!



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