Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Dancing

Last night after school I had a "Come to Jesus" moment with my friend, a kindergarten teacher. 

I let her know (in no uncertain terms) that I expect all children who come to first grade next year to be able to print their letters neatly, so that I can read them. She laughed and said, yeah right.

Ok, I tried.

Our first dancing song today was YMCA. We haven't danced that yet this year. So, I fumbled through, with the thumbs, wash windows, roll, pull the air horn and clap. I was doing alright. But I did keep my eye on the leader. 

The 'YMCA' part is a nother story. I'm never quite sure what to do with my arms, and it goes so fast. So, do something, and all is good, right?

I'm dancing and having a good time. Then Miss Kindergarten teacher comes to me, interrupts my dancing and whispers something like "you want the kindergartners to know how to do their letters, but your 'C' is backward."

What? C goes like this, and I show her.

Then other teachers start giggling. I said again, and demonstrated, "C goes like this" bigger this time.

One teacher then laughs and explains, it is supposed to be so it looks right to me, not you.

What? No one ever told me that!

With smiles and laughing they (the teachers) said they still like me, even though "I'm backward, haha."

Lucky for me the next song was Cupid Shuffle. I can do that one.

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  1. Ahhh. I'm cracking up! I never knew there was a "right" way to make the C either!

    Keep on dancin!

    -The Frizz

  2. LOL! That makes me laugh. Y.M.C.A..... Love it.


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