Friday, January 11, 2013

Five for Friday

TGIF. Do I need to say any more?

There were a lot of good things that happened this week, but I'm so glad for the opportunity to relax, regroup, watch some 4th grade basketball, and have the final Christmas celebration of the season. 

Kacey at 

is having a party. List 5 random things from my week or day. Here is my list:

1. I collaborated with the other first grade teacher, and we have started teaching a mammal unit. It is super awesome. I got it on TpT from Teacher to the Core. Reading, science, art, ideas. Perfect for us teachers new to grade one.

2. I looked at a cooked pig's foot. And I did not try it. I didn't have a knife to cut pieces and share with my class, but I didn't look very hard for a knife either.

3. I got three sweet notes from kiddos. They like me. I know it is not a contest if these wonderful kids like me, but my heart sure swells when they do something nice for me.

4. I had the superintendent drop in on Tuesday, Cloverbuds on Wednesday, Legislators on Thursday, and district provided professional development today. I think I want to have a "special" drink tonight while I watch tv.

5. Report cards went home yesterday. I am pleased with many of them, but don't like it that a handful of my first graders are not reading at grade level standard. We are definitely going to buckle down the next 3 months. And work even harder. It is difficult for me to tell parents their child is not at standard, and I feel all yucky inside.

Now, off for that drink and read more Five for Friday's.

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  1. Alyce, you said that it isn't a contest to get kids to like you, but it is statistically proven that students will learn from a teacher that they respect and that they feel cares about them on a personal level. So that relationship is oh-so-important because I KNOW that I enjoy teaching those little people who care about me more than I do teaching little people who don't care.

  2. Notes from the kiddos are always the sweetest!! And holy moly that's a lot of stressful visitors in one week! I think you've more than earned that special drink. Cheers!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First


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