Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Quilt

Today is Wednesday. That means big 4-H rotation. 8:30-10:30. 

This week is we studied vegetables. Not as easy as fruit, but with the help of the local grocery store add, we found enough pictures to fill a poster board. (Forgot the photo. Sorry)

When we finished this rotation I was so tired that I just want sit and relax, but alas, I was needed on recess duty. The saving grace about this duty today was that my good friend was out there as well, and she had a therapy session with me. 

I had planned to do the quilt before lunch, but recess went too long and we had to do it after lunch. It is so cool and the kids really enjoy seeing if they can figure out how to make the cuts and put the pieces together before I tell them.

Looks like two friends were not listening to the "how many to cut" speech, or the "how to put the red triangles in." You should have seen their faces when they brought their square to me. It was pitiful, they were sad (and maybe embarrassed) that their square was different than everyone else's. 

We had a great afternoon. We painted love birds. Hope to finish that project tomorrow. I will show you then.

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