Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun With a Fly Swatter

Early this year the PE teacher asked to collaborate with me. He wanted to bring some physical movement into our class to go along with the academic lesson that I am teaching. We put it off for ever.

Today was the day. The lesson was subtraction in the 10s family (10 minus a number).

Each table group got 10 bears and a fly swatter. We hung small pieces of paper on the board with the answers. Mr. PE gave the problem (he had even created a powerpoint of the questions), the kids had to work out the problem and then go to the board to swat the answer. Go back, pass the swatter and repeat.

This one is so dark, but I love that you see the kids running.

We played for almost 15 minutes and then as we were cleaning up Mr. PE asked each group who they thought had one. 4 out of 5 groups said their own group. One smartie girl said she thought everyone had won.

Mr. PE said, yep, everyone was a winner. Everyone had fun and everyone learned. I liked that conclusion.

Tomorrow's game...I think it will be this

Instead of blends, how about subtraction problems? I got this idea from Classroom Game Nook. Head on over for complete instructions and more great ideas.

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