Saturday, February 16, 2013

Five for Friday (2-16-13)

This recap is going to be short and sweet (I think). My five randomnesses are...

1. My jugs.

I laughed so hard (this year and last year) when my friend came into my room and said, "I really like your jugs."

2. My mug and cupcake.

The mug is so cool. It is a chalkboard mug. I wonder what I will write on it. And a red velvet cupcake. Perhaps I will have the cupcake for breakfast...

3. The party.

We delivered our cards first thing in the morning. 2 or 3 delivered and the rest of us completed some heart math pages. Then we opened our Valentine's and ate some (2 pieces of candy/chocolate). The only food that was delivered for our party was cheese sticks. So glad for that, but disappointed that the fruit and crackers did not show up. I think next year I will have to be more proactive in the party planning. That makes sense now that I think about it...I have no room parent for any of our parties. 

One card was attached to a red crush glass bottle. It was so cute. Yep, we opened them at 9:25. Only two spills. Now I know that you dump water on red pop RIGHT AWAY. I didn't do that and now our custodian has her work cut out for her. More lessons learned.

4. On Thursday (yep Valentine's Day) our PTO sponsored "Donuts with Dad" before school. I got to school early so that I would have a parking place to get more work done and be ready for the day. It was neat to see many dads at school with their kids. Dads talking with dads. Kids talking with kids. Dads talking with kids.

5. Friday was a PD. I was in a room with the other first grade teachers (and some Reading Recovery teachers) in the district from 7:45 until 11:45. We were "unpacking" the ELA common core. We wrote essential questions and I can statements. I guess that is a good way to make sure we all know what the standards are, but sitting that long and being on task did take some work. Luckily, I was in the back row, so I stood when I wanted to. The afternoon was spent collaborating at my school. 

If you want to read more real or random, hop over to Doodle Bugs Teaching. Happy weekend!

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  1. Hee hee... jugs. Made me laugh. :)PD the day after a party would be a good thing. I talked about it all day Thursday and then I was still surprised on Friday when my kids were not themselves on Friday.

  2. I love the chalkboard mug - making one myself is one of my weekend projects! Looks like you had a fun Valentine's Day; I love the Breakfast with Dad idea - so cute!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Joy in the Journey

  3. I just found your blog through Five for Friday!! You are funny. I know how it is with trying to get a parking place. lol..... It am also still laughing about the jugs. My colleagues and I laugh and cut up all the time too. It is nice to have such a fun work environment. :) I am glad I found you. Now following, Stephanie


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