Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday morning it looked like Lily (our ewe at school) was getting close to the birth of her baby.

I went out to the barn in the afternoon to check (and hope to be the one to find the lamb), but what I found was a laboring ewe. That was good also.

I could kind of tell when she was having a contraction. She got really still. And neither sheep made any noises. 2 small grunts from Wooly and one small grunt from Lily in the 20 minutes I was there.

We went out again after school to see if anything was happening. And to prepare for today (a no school day due to the snow and blizzard-type conditions we were having). Nothing, and still no noises. 

Noises are very common for these ewes. They baaaaaa a lot. 

30 minutes ago my phone was buzzing off the hook with texts about the lambs that were born over night!

And then I checked Facebook and saw the cutest picture since 2002 (the year my younger son was born).

The boy was in my class last year. He and his mom (sheep ranchers that live a mile away from school) came to the school this morning to check our ewes and this is what they found. So exciting. They were able to do the "newborn" stuff that needs to be done. So thankful.

Now I have mixed feelings. I would love for this blizzard to continue throughout the night and give us another snow day tomorrow, but I really want to go see these cuties.

Wonder what our kids will name these additions to our school family. Mom is Lily. Last year's baby was Lucy Belle (born 2-15-12). This year we have 2 ewe lambs, born on 2-21 (or 20) -13. 

Here is what is keeping my husband and younger son busy this morning. Shoveling and playing. Can't see younger son, but he is out there with his good friend from down the street.

The news this morning said this may be our biggest snowfall in history! 
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  1. Yeah, the babies are here! Did it at snowing for you? It's started back up here and it's beautiful coming down. Sara

  2. Aw...happy birthday to the babies!


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