Saturday, June 27, 2015

3-2-1 Teaching Bio with the Weekend Warriors

Didn't Mom say--sharing is good.

Well, something like that.

Sharing about ourselves makes us seem more real. Alive. The same and unique.

As I share about myself, I learn about me and you get to learn about me as well.. Win, Win.

The Lovely Weekend Warriors are hosting. Read about me, then hop over and read about even more teachers. Maybe you'll make a new friend, or be inspired by someone (pretty sure I'll make a friend).

And here are the prompts:

I could put the answers on a cute slide like the cool teachers, but I don't have time for that! I could put in photos, no time for that either! Time is of the essence, I'm on vacation and cannot let a minute slip by. I need to cut up strawberries and a watermelon, read a book (the Husband's Secret) and catch up on blog reading (I haven't read blogs since last Monday--TOO LONG).

The Teacher Me:

1. I adore organized, coordinated, and simple classrooms. My goal is to not have clutter (that is a continuous battle), have a room that is kid-friendly and appealing to grown ups as well, and have every space be functional.

2. After college, I taught in a special ed room for 9 years. Then I had babies, and they were so cute and adorable that I quit my job and stayed home with them for 6 years. To get back into teaching (which I promised my husband I would not do) I subbed, then took a job in January in a special ed classroom. The next year I jumped into general education by teaching a 2nd/3rd combo class. (Yikes, I learned a lot!) And now, having completed 3 years in first grade, I feel like I am home. I love the way our room feels. I love the growth in students (social and academic). Firsties are magnificent!

3. Pens, pretty pens, erasable pens and sturdy pens. I love them all. Each type of pen has a purpose and reason for taking space in my pen cup. Once a teacher was in my room, he needed a pen, reached and got one from My Cup and used it. Mrs. Jones saw this happen and held her breath, wondering what might happen. Would I flip out and accost the teacher? Would I hold my breath? What would I do? The teacher is still alive, but does not use my pens. (And, I hide my pens when I know I am having a sub!!)

The Regular Me:

1. My hobby is teaching. I am not a scrapbooker, exercise junkie, or great housekeeper. I love teaching, researching teaching and planning teaching. It wears me out and fills me up at the same time. I wonder if I will find a hobby some day that is not teaching...

2. The people who live with me and my teaching obsession include my husband (for 20 years, how can that be? We are so young...), a high school son who is discovering his gifts and which activities fill his soul, and a middle school son who cares deeply about many issues and makes us laugh daily. It's a happy home.

An item on my bucket list:

Not much time is spent thinking about bucket lists, but this just came to me... I would love to meet my bloggy friends, see their schools, spend time with them. This means I will be traveling to Hawaii, and Maine, and all states in between. I even have some friends in Australia...

Now you can start your blog hop... Just start HERE and you will be fine. 

Happy weekend my fabulous friends!!!
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  1. I love pens, too! and you know, blogging is a hobby, right? I mean, it's teaching related, but I heart blogging, because of great blogging friendships. Come to IL, too! :-)

  2. I think loving pens and being a teacher must go hand in hand! I could spend a fortune in pens!!

    Also, I am so interested in your school! I think that is amazing to have a barnyard! I love pigs, so I would probably not be able to handle teaching knowing there is a pig nearby! ;)

    Ms.Winter's Wild West

  3. I'm a huge pen fan too! I have colored pens all over the place (housed in special zipper pouches and containers, of course). It would be so amazing to meet up with all of the wonderful bloggers we have met over the years. I think that is a great thing to add to your list! Thank you for linking up with us for Weekend Warriors this month!

    Primarily Speaking

  4. How wonderful to be able to be at home with your kids for their first 6 years! I would have loved to do that but the budget wouldn't allow it. I'd say teaching is also my hobby. I really do spend so much time even outside of the school day and school year learning more and planning. Your bucket list item is so fantastic. It would be so amazing to be able to meet all the fantastic people behind the blogs. Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Warriors this month!
    Always Kindergarten

  5. I love pens too...I have so many different kinds and colors! I would love to meet all of the wonderful bloggers out there too :) Thanks for linking up with us!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  6. Alyce! Your comments on my blog post made me almost cry....and I'm not a crier! I love coming here and although I already know you, feel as though I get new, fabulous tid-bits of information that make you even more sweeter and fun! I too would have scrapped with anyone that touched my pens. On sub days MY pens get locked in the cabinet and the SUB pens come out. hehehehehehe :) I just love hearing that I am not the only one who has "teaching" as their hobby. I would be a lost little soul if teaching was not apart of my life! Thanks so much for joining our Weekend Warriors linky! You MUST join us every month! It is a ton of fun! xoxoxoxo


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