Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ag Camp, Day 2 and June Currently

Well, Ag Camp was awesome and we did stuff, but I have nothing to show for it today.

That never happens during the school year, right?

So, that makes it easy for me to link up with Farley and attend her fabulous linky party.

One of the best things about summer is sitting on the couch and dreaming about how to renovate my house. HGTV helps a lot. I asked my husband the other day for $40,000 to rehab the kitchen. He laughed at me. So, I will keep dreaming.

Been on summer for 9 days and I'm settling in great. 

I've had plenty of time to peruse Pinterest and plan my classroom makeover...

Hopefully my Donor's Choose Project for Hokki Stools will be funded soon. Know anyone who wants to donate? Send them my way, please!!

It is summer vacation, but the weather has been cool and rainy. I want warm and sunny. 

Love summer for the trips and time to dream.

Want to meet some new friends? Head over to Farley's blog and say hello. :)

What are you loving this summer?

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  1. enjoy your summer! I can't believe you have been home for 9 days already - so jealous - we have 3 weeks left!!

  2. I love HGTV too! They make everything look amazing!!!!! I am jealous that you are on school vacation …. ENJOY!


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