Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Am I Reading?

Summer is the best season for reading.

And this summer I have 3 professional books going and 1 fiction book.

Ag camp today was finishing up the pig pictures (no photos) and then scooping poop in the calf pen. No pictures of that either, because I was actually working! Mrs. Jones went with me later to check and she said I did a good job! YES! Mostly I supervised the kids, but that meant that I could not snap photos. 

And since I have no photos I thought I'd share a bit of my aha from this afternoon's reading.

Here are some points that I put into my special notebook...

1. I am the best reader and writer in my room and I have to be a source of knowledge for the kids, not be on a power trip or a control freak.

2. Reading is a journey. I'm going to teach how to read (read and comprehend), and what to do if the reader gets lost (doesn't know what to do).

3. I'm not going to teach "books." I'm going to teach comprehension strategies, literary elements, and phonics patterns. The kids will practice by reading books.

I'm super excited about this book.

Have you guessed what book it is? Comment below the title of the book I'm reading, and your email address, and I will reward some correct answers.

Also, what book are you reading? Maybe I need to get a few more...

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  1. Maybe book whisperer???? I am reading reading reflex, summer reading, and creating cultures of thinking

  2. What book are you reading? I have a stack, also, but haven't done anything with it yet -- except leave it stacked up.

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  4. ***trying again..... I have no idea what you are reading. :( But I'd like to know more! I am reading.... professionally: Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction; The Next Step in Guided Reading (which I started 2 summers ago, but failed to finish). Personally: On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City. Happy Reading!


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