Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Made It

Several summers ago I was BIG into the Monday Made It scene. Not so much last summer.

But, here I am, ready to share some stuff I made. 

I made dinner! This is quite something, because I'd rather eat than cook. But, I roasted a chicken in the crockpot all day (while I was at yet another school meeting), and transformed it when I got home into chicken salad. The result--it was good. Not, "OH SOOO GOOD", but "thanks for making dinner, I was hungry and this filled me up."

Now I have my own set of alphabet jewels. My plan is to have them on my file cabinet for the kids to use, but maybe I will just keep them and give them away as presents (like to my friends). Decisions, decisions...

Yesterday I found a very helpful vlog on how to create multiple inboxes in an email account. I was loving her colors and labels. So I just had to do it! Follow this link to Laugh Eat Learn and you, too, could have a happy email inbox.

I showed it at my meeting today and found my two people who have already done this. I think they should be my friends.

Now that you have peeked into my kitchen and my "made its," jump on over to Tara's place @ 4th Grade Frolics and get more ideas of how you can spend your many hours in the next 8 weeks. Time for me to head that way to see what will be on my list for next Monday.

And... What are you creating, crafting, making? I want MORE ideas!!!

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  1. Your chicken salad looks good! We started putting fruit in ours, either apples or grapes depending on what we have. It gives a sweet crunch. I don't cook much anymore.... we all kind of fend for ourselves. It has pros and cons. I do miss family meal time. I don't miss the "you made that?!" and similar remarks.

  2. I like the alpha magnets -- I did something similar but just put designs on them. I also like your email -- anything that gives us a little happy dance, right?


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