Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Summer, school, lazy days.

Three great things and I love them all.

My friend, Michelle @ Big Time Literacy has a fun party all about love. And I love spreading love.

1. Dinner with my family and mother-in-law. Celebrating her birthday. Yum.

2. A good, close look at the first three weeks of first grade in ELA. 

Which leads to a plan. Cannot wait to show this to my partner in first and adjust and get going!

3. Summer baseball with my son on a hot day.

What are you loving today?

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  1. Dinner looks delicious! Happy Birthday to your mom-in-law. :) Baseball games are always fun, especially if you're watching a family member, right? Looking forward to the days my kids are at the age for sports. :) Happy Summer, Alyce!
    Literacy Loving Gals

  2. Dinner looks delish (hbd to your mom-in-law!) Isn't it great to get unit planning done in the summer? Talk about an easy-peasy back to school when you do! Happy summer, friend!
    :-) Michelle

  3. Yummy! Enjoy your summer!

  4. I love that I did not have to stress over report cards, end of the year chores and keeping kids alive the last couple days of school. I feel for all the teachers who still have these things to do.


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