Thursday, June 18, 2015

Getting Ready for First Grade Readers

Books, books, and more books. 

I love books.

I've seen myself as a reader for as long as I can remember. Usually having a book to read. Or escape into the world of the book. I read Harry Potter, Year 7 in two days. (The baby's diaper did get changed, but I had little time for anything else.)

Several years ago I heard of The Book Whisperer, but never read it, because it seemed a little old for my first graders. But my friend this summer is posting about her book-a-day. I was intrigued and she gently nudged me to the book. 

So many interesting ideas and suggestions and steps to take. This book is geared toward kids that can read. I have a few that come to first grade reading, but have many more developing. And even a few that are already discouraged that they are not readers. 

What a tragedy. That a six-year-old already identifies himself/herself as not a reader.

That is going to change next year (I hope!).

My steps:
1. Amass copious amounts of books for beginning and developing readers that are meaningful and engaging.
2. Read all the kid books that I have this summer as a refresher. I have so many picture books, but they are not really for beginning/developing readers. Find books that are appropriate.
3. Get excited about genre and possible ways of guiding the kids to read A LOT (both in minutes and in books).
4. Be in touch with other primary teachers and pick their brains.

Here is where I will start...

And I will end (I hope) with students who read all the time!

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  1. You are one smart cookie! YOU guessed it right! I was raised on a Dairy farm, ate steak often as a child, and now I just don't like it. Blech!

  2. Great plans!!book Whisperer is so insightful! And remember, three ways they can read the book (read the words, read the pictures, retell the story) so all your picture books will be great for your kiddos!

  3. It is so sad when our little ones don't like reading - already! I love your plans to change that. Last year, I was also looking at my library and realized I need to order from the 1st grade Scholastic Book catalog. Want them all to like reading as much as I do!

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    1. Apparently I clicked enter twice - oh brother!


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