Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ag Camp, Day 3

Today the paint came out.

Yesterday I led the kids through a pig directed drawing. The idea came from Art Projects for Kids.  I love that site for ideas. After the drawing of the pig the kids had an opportunity to add to the background. Some added a horizon line, or birds and wheat. It was super fun to see their individual styles come out.

And today, their styles came out even more. I did not specify what color to use, or where to use it. I had about 10 colors available and let them go. Fun!

I've been super fortunate to have another teacher helping me with my art rotation at Ag Camp. She gives the kids tips on painting and helps keep everyone working.

She has even cleaned up each day as I am dismissing the kids. Wonderful, right?

As I was thanking her today for the clean up she did, she said--"wouldn't it be great to have an aide that cleans up while you teach and work with kids?" Uuuummmm, YES!!

So, now I am on the look out for a full-time volunteer to help me with the little stuff, so I can focus on the other stuff.  Any takers? Just let me know...

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  1. I like that art ed website, too. I always like the idea of painting, but then we get into it, and it's a mess -- but then a friend reminded me, this is what they'll remember! I love all the personalities the pigs show. What fun! Sara

  2. Their art work looks amazing! I agree - I would love an aide to help clean up my mess behind me in the classroom!


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