Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ag Fair and Other News

Today was a lot of work trying to finish up the presentation boards for the Ag Fair that happens in "2" days. There are 7 groups working on projects in my room. Wheww. 4 boards are completely finished, now they are working on their presentations. 1 board is waiting on attaching some photos tomorrow and a graph. 1 is working, not sure what their end product will look like (they still have an experiment they want to do). And the last is making photo books. Tomorrow I will print the pictures and info and then they can assembly. Done. Now for practice. 

Ag Fair is a big deal. Invitations are sent. To people like school board members, district office workers, parents, grandparents, and lots of interested individuals. We do it twice. Once in the afternoon, and again in the evening. I am looking forward to it, now that the projects are almost completed. 

In other news...
Eyore is staying at the school and has found a new home with Martha, the cow.

(You can also see Brownie in the background.)

Black Bob and Lucy Belle got sheared today by the amazing Erin. She used to be Miss Murphy's student in 5th grade, now she is in college and teaching our students about sheep care.

It was hard to talk above the noise of the clippers (but they managed, of course).

Lucy now. No wool. We weighed her. 65 pounds. Wow, she started life at 6 pound on 2-15-12! Her mama made wonderful milk.

Tomorrow the ewes will get sheared.

Last week Horizon MIlls gave us soccer goals for our playground. We are so thankful to have real goals. My kiddos were beaming when they saw their present. 

Here is a fun picture of all 21 of them in front of one new goal.

16 days of school left. 
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