Sunday, May 6, 2012

FIre Alarm

Yesterday was a normal Saturday afternoon.

I left the boys at home at went to school for a couple of hours (to check on the sheep and make preparations for next week).

As I was completing my final task of the day (at 5:10 pm) the fire alarm went off.

I grabbed my pounding heart and my school bag, turned off my light and ran out the door. What should I do? I texted my principal about what was going on.

She thought maybe I could go back into the building and shut off the alarm.

WHAT??? What if there was a real fire? Nope, not doing it.

So she called 911.

I waited out front for the fire truck to arrive. It came in less than 2 minutes. 

Five guys calmly got out of truck. Took my school key and disappeared into the building.

Then a truck and a guy came. Then a tractor and a guy came. Then a truck and the mayor came. They were all in the building, except the one who was maintaining the pump in case they needed a hose. He was trying to impress me with how quickly they responded, and had I ever had that quick a response before? Well, No. I have never needed a fire truck before!

I waited outside. And waited. And waited.

With time on my hands I went to check on Lucy Belle--did she have enough food and water? Yep. When I was walking away from the barn I saw the fire truck pull away. Must be no more danger so I went to the front to find my school key and get the scoop.

No fire. Perhaps dust in the duct work. Freaky. I did not finish my task. I went back today to do that.

I'm really not that good under pressure that has to do with blood or fire. Just ask my sister. So I'm glad someone else could do a job I do not want to do. Thank you volunteer (and not volunteer) fire fighters in every community.

Of course I snapped a picture of the wonderful assortment of responders to my school's emergency...

(Can't see the trucks, but trust me they were there.)
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  1. I beg to differ; I think you handled this situation perfectly. For one, fire alarms shouldn’t be taken for granted. In that light, you shouldn’t try to play hero, even if there’s no actual fire. Asking the principal to call for 911 is the most logical thing to do, and let the fire department sort out the issue. :)

    Abigail Kirby


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