Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Heart is Singing

Today was a wonderful day. In the midst of changes in our district and adoption of the common core we needed to find a way to show how ag and project based lessons can fit in with our core instruction time. That was my morning.

Maybe that doesn't sound like the most fun I could have on my 2nd official day of summer vacation, however, the afternoon session was joyful.

When we (my teacher friends and I) got back from our lunch break and after I spent 15 minutes with our retiring teacher who is giving me her room and 33 years of teaching supplies and goodies, I went into our "work room." What I saw was amazing. In fact I whispered to the teacher next to me "This makes my heart sing." And then she gave me a look that indicated that she thinks I am weird.

They were filling in a chart. A year-at-a-glance chart. (Which happens to be on my summer bucket list.) Well, I got a chart and started filling it in as well. We worked on adding K-2 science standards and I listened as two teachers worked on 2nd grade social studies standards.

If I knew how to upload the end result I would do that now to show what got me so excited. But I don't, so I won't. You can just imagine it.

More time in my room. Packing and sorting for the next phase of my move.

Now, for the next reason my heart is singing. My county is in the middle of wheat harvest. As I was driving down country roads and highways to get home I saw numerous combines and wheat trucks in fields. Working like crazy to get as much wheat cut as possible before any rain comes.

I've lived in Kansas for almost 22 years and I don't remember feeling this way about harvest before. Perhaps it has to do with the combine ride my son got the day before. Or the huge way that ag has influenced me over this past school year. Or the tour I had of JaKo farm on Monday. Whatever the reason, I am pleased that I have embraced Kansas and all that it can offer me (including the thunderstorm right now, and the tornado watch around my state tonight).

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