Thursday, May 24, 2012

Math Relay Race and End of the Year (as I Know It and I Feel Fine)

Yesterday I wanted to play with my students. Thanks to Katie at Queen of the First Grade Jungle I printed off a math relay race.

I split my kids into 3 groups (because I had 2 other grown ups around to supervise), gave each group a bag with the exact same questions/prompts. It was fun. The kids had fun.

One of the prompts said to skip around the playground and count by 2s. As I watched them go I felt like Maria from The Sound of Music. The kids were in a line (and it happened to be tallest to shortest, and there is a big difference in my class since I have both 2nd and 3rd) skipping around the playground, just like the vonTrapp kids. (I love that movie and can quote most of the lines.)

It just made me smile.

Today was the last day. Bitter sweet. Sad to be done, but glad to be done. I got presents. I never got presents when I taught in special ed. A water bottle. M and M's. Sonic gift card. 2 separate bouquets of flowers. Many cards. And a hug from each as they departed for their summer.

Tomorrow I need to pack up what's left of my room and get ready to move it. I am going to teach first grade next year. Our current first grade teacher is retiring, so I am moving into her room. Some big teaching feet to fill. I can only hope that the whole school will be easy on me as I try to fill the room with energy and ideas and good teaching.

It is the end of the year as I know it and I feel fine.

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