Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciation and Ag Fair Wrap-Up

I can hardly wait. Tomorrow on Teachers Pay Teachers is a HUGE giveaway for teacher appreciation. So many sellers are putting one of their items for FREE! I know what I'll be doing all afternoon. Hope the family finds something to do while I am shopping at this amazing event.

Last night at 7:00 Walton Rural Life Center said "well done for another amazing Ag Fair." I know I have talked about Ag Fair, but did I really explain what it is? WRLC is a project-based school. We do projects as part of our reading and math all year long, and this Ag Fair is a time when the students can share what they have learned. Well, I did not do such a great job of keeping track all year and keeping our projects up to date. So the past two weeks have been crunch time. 

7 projects going on simultaneously. Some are new projects and some were recapping our sheep and chickens. (Most were new projects that the students chose to do.)

The students practiced their talks. Gathered props. Practiced some more.

Then said their talks 22 times (or more) to the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and other interested members of our community. One session was during the afternoon (1:30-2:30) and the other was last night from 6 to 7. Yep, on a Friday night. It was still a good turn out.

My heart swelled as I watched from the side while the children shined. And then again as the grownups walked out and said how well the students "knew their stuff." Yippee. Successful Ag Fair.

I will leave you with several pictures of this wonderful, and exhausting event.

 (Chicks, Tractors, Soil Erosion)
 (Comparing our sheep with the donkey, who is becoming a permanent member of our school)
 (Making electricity from a carrot, apple, potato, and soil)
 (Students from other classes got to go around and see as well--so much learning!)
 (Soil Erosion by wind and water)
 (Tractors and Implements)

Way to go Walton Rural Life Center students! You rocked this Ag Fair!
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