Friday, May 11, 2012


Shoes for me have to be functional and nice for me to look at. Even though I do not spend much of my day looking at them.

I have been known to wear ballet slippers for a day of substitute teaching because they were fashionable. I did not care that by 8:30 I had red marks on my feet from them. (I have since given those shoes to Et. Cetera.)

Today I really wanted to wear my new Teva flip flops. So I did. They do not have much support, but I didn't care. 

I gathered my class at 7:50, went to our room, started with lunch count, and about 8:00 as I bent over to get something a terrible pain shot across my lower back. It surprised me a bit and I told my class, "I think I just hurt my back."

My next thought was--flip flops. I took them off and walked around without any shoes on for a bit, but that didn't make much difference. So, I spent the day complaining that my back hurt. I had tennis shoes I could have put on. Or my chore boots. Nope, I wanted to wear my flip flops. I even went grocery shopping after school in them.

As soon as I got home I kicked them under my bed and put on different sandals. Immediately my back felt better (or maybe not as bad). This may take several days to stop. Am I going to have to give away my new flip flops?

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  1. I admire your candor, Alyce. I have to admit I also put my feet through pain from time to time. I didn't buy your ballet flats at Etc., but I did find some mighty cute (and once-upon-a-time-expensive) pumps there, and I wear them, even though they squish my toes.

    1. Thanks Beverly. My feet are happy to have occasional company in the uncomfortable department.

  2. I have a pair of CUTE shoes that I love but they slip up and down on my heel. Wearing them to school can be hard with as much walking as I is very hard to go up and down the stairs. I still wear them every now and then! =)

    Heather's Heart


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