Friday, June 8, 2012

Ag Camp Wrap-Up

Wheww. Yesterday and today did not have much structure at the good ole ag camp. But we all survived and I heard some "I want to come back again next year" comments. From students and workers. That is a good sign.

Yesterday's special guest got held up in Denver and did not make it, so the amazing staff improvised and we did our best to find activities for the kiddos. Bagging produce and a lot of free time in the out of doors (my favorite aspect of summer--be bored enough to get creative).

Today was the Farmer's Market.

It was so busy the first hour as our customers arrived to get the best. Breads, granola, jams, and plants.

The adults and students wore the tie-dyes t shirts that were created on Monday. Mine is so cool. I didn't make it, so thanks to Mrs. Black and her helpers for getting me decked out in the best Walton Rural Life Center duds around.

While we weren't at the market, kids ate popsicles and played tag games.

By 11:30 kids and adults just wanted to go home to take a nap. Maybe the nap is only for the adults. I wish I could have had one, but I had to go to the dentist.

Today the dentist told me I have pretty teeth. And the hygienist said she loves the color of my teeth. No one has ever told me that before. I suppose I do not have to bleach my teeth this summer as was my plan.

When we got back home my town was in full swing Garage Sale Weekend mode. I saw 4 sales on my street. So I parked the van at home, left my wallet (so I wouldn't be tempted to buy something) and headed out to see what my neighbors are trying to rid themselves of. First stop. Found a first grade set of Brain Quest cards and a Discovery Toys game. 50 cents and 25 cents. I humbly went to my fourth grade neighbor and asked him to hold those items while I go home to get some money. He was nice about it and gladly took my money when I got back.

Not tempted at sale 2, skipped over sale 3, and at sale 4 I found nothing that required me to leave any of my money.

I am definitely going to need to find something to occupy me tomorrow or I may be finding myself heading out to the sales.

Perhaps going through my "stuff" that occupies space in my crowded basement and sending it off to Et. Cetera.
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