Monday, June 4, 2012

Ag Camp

Some classrooms have themes. Some schools have themes (wild west, circus, etc.) My school has a theme. It is Agriculture (or ag). Part of our Charter is to have Ag Camp a week or so after school lets out for the summer.

I didin't participate last year. I don't remember why. I was nervous to participate this year. I have so much to learn about ag.

Pretty much anyone who wants to help with Ag Camp can, and they can choose what they want to do.

So I said yes. With the help of our art teacher (she gave me the idea) I am doing a station. It's an art and craft time. We are making felt magnets to sell at the Farmer's Market on Friday.

I described what we are doing. I demonstrated what to do. We brainstormed ideas. Then they got to work.

There are 33 (I think) students participating in Ag Camp. Divided into 6 groups. My largest group was 6 students, and one group had 4. I never felt overwhelmed (except for the whole art thing) and the day went fairly quickly. Each group lasts 30 minutes and then there is a 5 minute period to get the students to the next station and get started.

The kids had fun today. There are 6 stations: kitchen (making granola, pancake mix and strawberry jam--to sell at the Farmer's Market); games with the PE teacher; wheat weaving (using waxed dental floss); garden/greenhouse (harvesting wheat and potatoes, transplant tomato plants--use guessed it, Farmer's Market); tie-dye tshirts (kids will take them home, not sell at Farmer's Market) and make stepping stones; and me, making felt magnets.

These stations will happen Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is a special day. Friday will be the Farmer's Market. The money earned from the Farmer's Market will go into our Charter fund. We use that money for animal food, fencing, projects, etc.

I feel so inadequate with helping the kids do art. Our art teacher is amazing and I would not want her to be embarrassed with what we are doing. She would never judge me. but I am judging myself. Perhaps the magnets will go home with the kids and not go to the market. That would make me feel better.

Now for my pep talk. Ag Camp is not about me and how I feel. It is about giving kids experiences. Allowing them to express themselves and try new activities. Well then, we did it. I did it. Today was new experiences and the kids left with smiles on their faces and are eager to come back tomorrow.

Yes, we will have the magnets for sale on Friday. Come and get yours. Hilltop Convenience Store in Walton, Kansas from 8:30 am until 11:30 am (or until we sell out, which usually happens I am told).
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  1. I want a famous magnet because of the experience not what it looks like Mrs Bartel!!!

    1. I could save you a special one...


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