Monday, June 25, 2012


I love freebies. I found VistaPrint last summer from The Clutter Free Classroom and placed an order. Not as good of a deal as her, but I was happy.

When school got out and I had a bit of time, I created a large portfolio of items I would like to have. I didn't know about premium business cards versus the free ones, but oh well, I created away and just saved everything in my portfolio.

I've been watching for a sale. There was a sale on premium business cards, so I put one of my designs in my cart and loaded it with other free items and sent it off. While I was in Colorado it arrived. Yippee!!

This is what came for me. (Unfortunately everything is the same size--small, it is difficult to see, I am super sorry. You can use your imagination.)

1. A Car Door Magnet (it is probably 8 1/2 x 11) I will use this for the kindness recorder to put tallies under during the day.
2. A refrigerator magnet to put in their welcome to school bags
3. A refrigerator magnet for Christmas

4. A rubber stamp (nothing special, other than it has my name on it)

5. A pen with my name on it
6. A bumper sticker to hang somewhere in the room.

7. 10 notecards

8. 250 business cards (to be used as a way of sharing how someone was helpful during the day)

9. 250 more business cards (same purpose)
10. A t shirt for me

That's it for now. I'm satisfied. Almost. I think the t shirt is too big, I want to order a smaller size. And I do not have a class set of the notecards (see #7 above), so I should order more. Today I created a few more projects. So now I am waiting to see if there will be another free premium business card sale, and maybe a free shipping also.

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  1. Groupon has a VistaPrint deal running today for $70 worth of products for only $17!!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

  2. I was just about to place my order with VistaPrint, using Groupon, when your post caught my attention. I am so glad it did! I have now added refrigerator magnets to my order. I LOVE THIS IDEA!! Now I know parents won't misplace info like my email address, blog address, etc.

    I am your newest follower :)


    On The Road To Success

    1. Glad you could use the idea Patti. I am hoping VistaPrint will have a shipping deal next week, like they did last year, but I was too late last year and missed out.


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