Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guided Math Chapter 4

Ok, time for the next chapter of Guided Math. This chapter focused on when and how to use Whole-Class Instruction.

Ideas/concepts that I want to remember:
**whole-class instruction should be 10 minutes or less
**can be used for: mini-lessons, activating prior knowledge, using literature as a connection, setting the stage for math workshop, Math Huddle, or a practice or review session
**mini-lesson components: 1. connection to prior learning or life 2. teaching point 3. demonstrate and model 4. engagement (guided practice) 5. link to ongoing work

Review and Reflect:
1. How much whole class instruction do I use in math? Nearly all of my instruction was whole class. Why? Because I wasn't sure what else to do. (Sad admission, but true.)
2. What situations do I use whole-class most frequently? To introduce a new concept or review. It was effective, but it must be kept short or I would lose my student's attention.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the chapter. I enjoy seeing everyone's take on this book :)
    Stories by Storie

  2. Thanks for posting. The amount of whole group instruction I used with our previous curriculum (Saxon) really just depended on what the lesson was for the day. Sometimes it took a really long time! Of course it wasn't just a lot of teacher talk. I tried to break it up and do lots of active engagement strategies, with a lot of practice for the kiddos. Because of the nature of the program, I really only had that ONE shot to teach the lesson and make sure they understood, so I spent more time in whole group than I'll have to next year in our new series. If they didn't get the concept that day, we had something totally different the next...


  3. Love your honesty, Alyce! I'm blog stalking this book study because I don't have the book - but lots of wonderful ideas. And your picture turned out really nice. Sara


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