Sunday, June 10, 2012

Consciousness Journey Continues

When my kids were young I stayed home with them and practiced Conscious Discipline (CD) with them. OK, it was me that had to change, so that's what I did. Gradual, baby steps. One thing at a time.

19 months ago I went back to teaching. In a resource room setting. CD was helpful. But when I see the kids for 30 minutes a day it was tricky to build the relationship that CD takes. We did the best we could.

13 months ago I scored a general education class for the following year. I was beyond excited. That is what I went to college to do. I got side-tracked being a resource teacher (but I loved my time there and could have happily stayed if this gen ed job hadn't opened up).

Throughout last summer I tried to get ready for this awesome opportunity coming up. I needed books to read and prepare myself. My CD friends talked about this book.

So, I got my hands on it and of course loved it. Baby steps again as I set up my very first classroom. My two favorites that I used last year was the birthday celebrations and class jobs.

(It says "Good Morning and may you have an amazing day" written by the morning message writer. And you can see the kindness tallies we had so far that day.)

My school social worker boosted my confidence and I continued to grow my school family. Some days  were very rewarding. Some days were very emotionally draining. Overall, I loved the family that we created. The students started calling each other "school family." That made my heart sing for sure.

So many good things from last year. And now I will re-read

and work through the book study with Heather at Heather's Heart and give myself a good old pep-talk. Last night I read the introduction and fell in love with CD all over again. I will share those thoughts next time.

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