Friday, September 28, 2012

First Grade Common Core

Common Core is common in my district by name only. This year we are implementing ELA, and Math will soon follow. It is slightly different than our previous standards, but aligning all the activities and documenting teaching each standard is a little new.

I (unlike many of the wonderful teachers around) need to be shown how to do things. Like... what do activities aligned to CCSS look like, how to integrate the standards into say our ag lessons, etc. Once you show me, I am pretty much good to go, but show me at least once please with some great ideas and I can rock it.

Enter this fancy book...
It has activities, centers, posters, and worksheets that teach ELA and Math CCSS.

Go to First Grade Common Core and see for yourself. This book could save you time, energy and give you the encouragement to go forth and teach some awesome lessons.

I may be spending some of my "free" time this weekend looking it over.
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  1. Thinking I might need the kindergarten version...
    What did you download it on? School computer or home? Awesome find Alyce!!!


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