Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Families

My school family:

There is definitely something to be said with each student having a meaningful job. All 22 of my kids have jobs. My students did last year also. It is important to me. And Becky Bailey agrees with me. (Or rather, she taught me and I love it.)

One job we have is the "first aid giver." Usually it involves adding band-aids to a bloody something, checking our band-aid supply or helping a friend to the office who needs an ice pack.

This week our first aid giver is taking her job very seriously. And she can be a little scattered at times. LOL. I did not know until today how seriously she is taking her job. Like an EMT, or ER doctor, or someone who works with emergencies.

At recess another friend fell, scraped up her face and arm and was crying. I was right there and saw it happen. She came to me and held me and cried. I held her too. A different friend suggested the first aid giver. She knew who she was looking for and ran to her for her help.

I watched this next part very closely and it will be forever etched in my mind as a beautiful moment.

As the first aid giver received the news of a hurt friend, she ran to us. The look on her face was full of determination, concern and ready for whatever might be required of her. And more concern.

We told her what happened and asked if she would take our hurt friend to the office for an ice pack. She put her arm around her, the hurt friend leaned into the first aid giver, and they very carefully started walking to the door.

I didn't see any more. I was trying to process what I had seen.

I love my school family.

My home family:

Today we celebrate my younger son who was born 10 years ago. So many memories. Of the day he was born, and of the years he has been with us.

Tonight we will eat tortellini alfredo, garlic bread, and white cake to celebrate him.

I love my home family.
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