Monday, September 17, 2012


I love my school.

This was recess today after lunch.

Eyore the donkey is back. We had quite the time of it last year. Read about it here and here. That may not be enough information...he shared a pen with our sheep, but they all had difficulty getting along. He came back this morning. This kids were so happy to see him. I have mixed feelings. He is in a pen all by himself. That is not ideal, but what to do? The goats are so little. The calves? Perhaps we will figure it out.

And Mooshoo the pig. They get checked plenty during the day...are their noses wet, are their ears up? Do they need more water? And, how about a little love and attention? You betcha.

When I first visited my school (before I became a teacher here) I could not believe that children would voluntarily spend their recesses looking at, playing with, loving on the barnyard animals. But it happens every day. Today was special because Eyore is the first animal back that we had last year. My first graders remember him. They were so excited to know that he was back. They ran out to say hello. The second graders also came out to have a visit.

Yes, they also play on monkey bars, swings, the slide, hide and seek, tag, capturing grasshoppers, and they have been known to have dance offs. I certainly wish I could give them a longer recess to be kids, enjoy our cool, autumn air, and play pretend.

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