Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Friday, Here is a Fantastic Five

Yep, I think that every Friday I will be able to say, "Whee, what a week."

1. We finally got our September quilt finished. I love it. Got it from Reagan. I had no idea how it would turn out, so I am pumped that it went together so well, and the kids really enjoyed the challenge of getting the patch correct (can you spot two that didn't quite get it right?).

2. Writing. This is going better than I ever thought was possible. Wednesday and Thursday we actually stopped writing early, because so many of the littles wanted to share their writing (and be bragged on in front of the class). They are using the sight words and spelling them correctly. And the stories are about meaningful events: picking up dad at the airport; dad was on a business trip, walking the dog on the hill; creating big machines.

3. Our class cheerleader and encourager stepped up their game this week. So many good things to cheer with the kids.

4. Dance party in the class Wednesday afternoon.

5. Our farm animals are slowly returning. Early in the week two goats arrived. Tuesday two calves decided that being near children would be a good way to spend the next nine months. And Wednesday a pig that thinks she is a dog settled in. Now chores start. It was nice to start school without animals, but it feels more like "home" when the animals are here and depend on us. 365 days a year. We will not get weekends or holidays off. They will still want to eat.

So what are your Fantastic Five of the week?
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  1. That quilt looks amazing. The two that don't quite look the same as the others give it character. Thanks for sharing!
    Stories by Storie

  2. I've always heard that some Amish quilters purposely make a mistake in their quilts to show humility. I don't know if that's true, but it works for me- I tell people my mistakes were on purpose!
    I need to do more sharing during Writer's Workshop. Sometimes we get so caught up in writing that I forget to stop them in time to share before we go to lunch.
    Still Teaching After All These Years

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog! I am loving the quilt for each month idea. Think I am going to have to pop over to TpT and by that one! Thanks.



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