Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The State Fair

It seems to make sense that an Ag./Tech Charter School would find a way to get to the State Fair. We did, yesterday.

Of course, it has to be educational. I correlated our science standards to state fair exhibits. I created a spreadsheet to keep track of groups of students, packed lunches, and notes from parents. I sent a plea to parents to help lead groups (back at parent information night). This is a fun field trip, so I had 10 parents agree to go and lead a group.

The day was gorgeous. Not 60 degrees F., or 100 degrees F. 70 in the morning and 80 in the afternoon and sunny all day.

Most groups were able to see all that I suggested. My group went to the Farm Bureau Building to learn about caring for animal agriculture; Agri-land to explore seeds and grown crops; the Butter Sculpture (this year was a train engine); a milking demonstration; the birthing barn (no animals giving birth, but I saw the sweetest newborn lambs); then we got our free ice cream (compliments of Farm Bureau) and ate that on our way to lunch.

We enjoyed our lunch with loads of other school children, and lunch was not ruined by eating ice cream first.

The afternoon was a bit slower, we had lost some steam. We saw the 4-H projects (so neat and gave me ideas for what I could do next summer); and the adult 4-H entries (I was impressed with many of the quilts, and pretty jars of canned goods).

It was a full day. I may have had trouble keeping my mouth closed as I dozed on the bus ride back to school. Lucky for me no pictures were taken during that ride (at least I don't think any were taken).

My camera was left at home so I wouldn't have to carry it all day. Now I'm wishing for some pictures to share. Guess they will come next year.
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  1. I called my vet for some advice yesterday morning, and couldn't talk to him in person because he was already leaving to be at the fair. He was scheduled to be attending births in the birthing barn. When I read this, it was fun to imagine your kids meeting our vet!

  2. I grew up in a nearby KS state fair town. We usually went several times (with friends, family, etc.) each year. I usually am lucky to make it once each year now that I don't live so close anymore. This is one of those few years that I won't make it at all, though. Boo. Interesting to hear your perspective as a teacher with a group of students there. :D


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