Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Five Favorites from the Week

I really meant to write this on Friday. But you know how it goes, stuff happens. Stuff in my case means my MIL fed my kids and I had the house to myself. Did I blog? Goodness no. I cut out bugs for a math lesson on Monday and then I cut out squares that have letters on them, for word work.

And then on Saturday I went to a soccer game, cut out more letters, worked in my classroom for 4 hours, cut out sight words and watched Bedtime Stories with my kids.

So, now it's Sunday and I get to think about my favorite things from last week.

1. Thursday's math lesson was infused with some whole brain teaching strategies. We used Mirror Words, and boy were they involved. It was great. Too bad that wasn't the day for my principal and a principal from another school to come and do a "walk-through" mini evaluation.

2. Got the kids caught up in their math books, autumn picture drawings, and the birthday book for my friend whose birthday we celebrated on Monday (sorry that took so long, friend).

3. Matched names with faces of the other first grade teachers in my district on Wednesday at the after school meeting. And learned what to mark on the report card for the whole year (that is such a deal for us).

4. Showered my friend (who happens to teach first grade at my school with me) with diapers and presents for her little bundle that will be born in October. She is hoping he waits until after P/T Conferences.

5. Got my iPods loaded with cds so we can start "listen to reading" this week. So thankful for the iPods, thanks Donor's Choose.

6. I continue to get hugs and "you're the best teacher ever" comments from the girls and boys alike. Often after on the way to lunch or during transition times. And once this week a friend came to me when I was switching reading groups and asked "can I have a hug?" Of course!

What was good about your week last week?

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