Monday, October 8, 2012

Flexibility is not just for gymnasts

So I had a grrreat day planned for today. Everything was ready and waiting. (That is not always the case, but more often this year than last year.)

And when I got to school today I remembered that we need to have a birthday party. And there would be a fire drill with a program done by the local fire department.

Together those activities take about 1.15 hours. Ugg. But I guess that is the beauty of flexible teaching at my school. Stuff is always happening. And our sheep are not even back yet.

We had the birthday party during science and writing. I love that most students can write one sentence about why they like the birthday kiddo (and I can usually make out what was written--that was NOT the case for the first birthday party we had). I love that they know our birthday routine.

Then, right in the middle of reading groups (which was going marvelously!) our computer lab teacher came for some kiddos (I forgot about that) and our gardener came for some kiddos (I forgot about that too). Oh well, take whoever you want as long as they are not at my table.

I was so tickled when during my small group lesson I had about 3 friends (who were not in the group) not working on their reading or word work, but rather were intently listening to me and trying to do what we were practicing. Oh yeah.

And before I could get my third group in, yep, fire drill. Fire prevention program. Music and library. Home.

I am going to try to squeeze that group in during writing tomorrow. Because there will always be something.
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  1. Oh wow. That sounds like my day more often than not! :) So good to hear I am not alone! I have a saying (that I unashamedly stole from the school I student taught at) that I taught to my kids: Practice flexibility: when plans change, go with the flow! (they can even do actions with it now).


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