Monday, October 22, 2012


What a big day at school today. So much for easing back into the school zone. Nope, not us. We tore right into it today!

This sight made me sooo happy. Know what it is? It is our sheep coming back!

About 9:30 this morning.

They went right to their pen. It was like they remembered. I wonder if sheep can really remember.

Currently Lily and Wooly are sharing a pen with the little goats. But I heard that our sheep were head-butting the goats. We don't encourage bullying at our school, so, soon the goats will move to their new pen, right next door.

Lily (wool faced) is the one marked blue, and Wooly (plain faced) has been marked red. And... We are expecting babies in February!

They have not taken a pregnancy test, or had a sonogram. So, nothing is certain. But Mr. Harris (the nice man whose place they were at), knows what he's doing when it comes to breeding sheep. It's his job, and the paper was written by him. So, I'm saying, yep, they are pregnant. 

I feel like such a pro. Having the sheep last year, but I think I am just kidding myself. 

Hopefully they will lamb like last the middle of the night, needing no assistance. Let the waiting begin.
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