Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Day at the Patch

The pumpkin patch that is.

Our PTO funds this field trip and the entire school goes. Thanks PTO!

There was a great playground with slides, swings, teeter totters, and a corn table with toys. That is where we started.

We also had a hayride (but there was no hay, can it still be a hayride), we better call it a wagon ride out to the pumpkin field. Steve gave a short presentation about the varieties of their pumpkins and pumpkin health.

Then Steve sent the kids to the field with instructions on finding the perfect pumpkin. The pumpkin must be orange and small enough to fit into a huge hole.

So many smiles from the children as they held their "perfect" pumpkin.

It was a beautiful day. Cool in the morning, and warm in the afternoon, which was spent being outdoor kids. Playing and learning with only found toys.

I started the day with a headache and it never went away. But I tried very hard not to complain or whine. So I was glad to be on the bus for the 45 minute ride back to school and a time to close my eyes.

That worked for most of the trip. And I always sit in the front, because I could get motion sick. So, I was almost asleep and I heard my teacher friend next to me asking if I was awake. Groggy, I said yes.

She had brought a student up to the front. To sit with me. He had a bloody nose. Here is the red bag. OK, now I am awake!

I really like this kid. He is in my homeroom. He always says hi to me. Even last year he would say "Hi Mrs. Bartel" and I would say hi back, but I did not know his name. I am so happy to get to know him this year.

So, we are sitting together, my arm is around him and then the student on my other side says... "Mrs. Bartel, (girl) is crying." She is sitting across the aisle from us.

I turned and looked, so awake now. She has HUGE tears running down her face.

I'm trying to decide what to say. Girl next to the crying girl explained..."She told me to punch her in the nose really hard, so I did."

I was full of disbelief then. Now I am laughing myself silly.

Never thought I could ever love a class like I did last year's class. But I certainly do.
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  1. Thank you for the smiles, Alyce. I remember how attached you were to those kids. Loved this story!!


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