Friday, October 19, 2012

My Friday Five

It has been many hours since I have seen my students (I had a work day on Wednesday so they had the day off and Thursday and Friday are Fall Break), so I don't remember very clearly what we did and what was fabulous. So this edition is going to be a bit different...

1. I love that my almost teenager helped me charge and set up some iPod touches that I inherited with my classroom today. Now I will have 5 iPods for listen to reading!

2. I love that I spent yesterday in my sweat pants and that I did a minimal amount of school work.

3. I love that for lunch today I will be eating Pizza Hut Buffet with my husband and 2 sons.

4. I love that tonight I will be at a party with my school friends.

5. I love having time to read blogs and get more ideas than I can possibly use. Thank goodness for Pinterest so that I can save those great ideas for whenever it works to use them.

Yea, it feels like vacation around here. We all needed it so much.

I hope you all get a mini-vacation and have a great weekend!
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