Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Currently

The beginning of the month brings a chance to reflect, and join Farley's currently linky party.

Here is mine.

The book was supposed to be my favorite fall/autumn/halloween book. But I'm really not sure that I have one, so I put down the book I am reading aloud to my class. We started Ralph and the Motorcycle on Tuesday, and they are getting into it. I think when we are done I will show the movie version and do a compare/contrast lesson with the book and the movie.

So, hop on over to

and read some more good currently's.

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  1. Hey! I found your blog via Farley's link up! I love that you need nothing- being content is a GREAT thing!! I'm a fellow midwesterner- from Nebraska- and your newest follower!!

    The Gypsy Teacher

  2. I love Currentlys! That's great that you got to leave early today! I'm not sure if I have a favorite Halloween book either (however, I also didn't read the directions & did not realize the book needed to be a Halloween book.. oops!) but I love Halloween & fall, so I feel like I should have one.

    I'm your newest follower!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  3. Hi- We found you through Farley's linky party. We're from KC, MO so somewhere not too far from you. It is so hard to find some great ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. Don't know if your students have access to many computers but blogging is such a great way to use computers. I had a blog and the students would respond to literacy based questions, as well as science and social studies. Math was more difficult, but I found a way to do from time-to-time.
    Antoinette and Emily


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