Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Mini-Update

I meant to write this last Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday. I even missed the Five for Friday last week. 

There are 31 days left in my current school year. WHAT? 

31 days to inspire and lead. To give hugs and smiles. To love and cherish, this, my first group of first graders. 

Right now it looks like I will get to teach first grade with my buddy again next year. YAY!!!

Moving on...

We made our April quilt last week. Lovely as always. Maybe next year I will adapt it, to make it more "farmy/aggy." (Although our Kindergartners are incubating eggs even as I type.)

I think my entire class will be asking for a boxcar playhouse for Christmas next year. (Parents, you are welcome. I want one also, in case you were wondering.)

We are LOVING The Boxcar Children.  This is always the last part of our day, right before they head to music or pe or computer lab or library. When they get back we grab backpacks and race to the bus. (Ever try to get 22 kids to the bus on time? Without yelling?)

Today, instead of reading (much to their chagrin) we worked on filling out an awesome anchor chart. I just have to say, I think I have the most intelligent first graders ever! Their answers and recall of details was incredible. 

See our handiwork...

(I think this summer I will take a "Neat and Nice Handwriting for Elementary Teachers" course. Or, maybe I could play around with calligraphy--that might help.)

Last week I was Pinteresting and found some great examples of anchor charts for story elements. I found two that I really liked and mixed them together. Here is my anchor chart board, can you figure out which two were my mentors?

We have a possibility for "wintry mix" tomorrow am. Snow day dance anyone?

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  1. After a treacherous drive up here tonight, I cannot cheer you in your snow dance, especially since we are saying goodbye to someone near and dear tomorrow and it will be very cold day outside, even without a "wintry mix." But I loved reading your blog, as always. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want to take a class in Nice and Neat Handwriting for Elementary Teachers too!!


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